Show Date 08-19-07

11. The August/September/October Preview:

Now With (Talk About) Song!

It's the Darkest Part of the Movie Season, where every studio dumps the projects it doesn't know what to do with--so of course Thomas and Derrick are there, putting their two cents in to let you know what's worthwhile! Join The Guys From Brooklyn as the talk about The Bourne Ultimatum, Stardust, Saw 4 and more--and hear them discuss pop princesses (yes, you heard that right), what Hollywood does to Hong Kong directors, the movie Tom hates above all else and get to clickin!

Show Date 08-26-07

12. What Made Haddonfield Famous: The Halloween Series

In time for Rob Zombie's big screen remake, the Guys Outta Brooklyn unleash their biggest episode ever--almost ninety minutes of filmic goodness. Join Thomas and Derrick as they go through the entire eight-film cycle, from the John Carpenter classic to the dumb-ass sight of Busta Rhymes kung fuing Michael Meyers. No film goes unmentioned or unpunished! Plus speculation on the new version...and it starts right with one little click.

Show Date 09-09-07

13. Dangerously The Brood Crowd The Dark Black and Blue City

The Boys Outta Brooklyn dig into their cinematic storerooms to come up with a number of films you probably haven't seen but should. From the sci-fi noir of Dark City to the psychological weirdness of Black Narcissus, we cover six films that may have drifted under your radar. Okay, we say it's six--but Thomas and Derrick go off on tangents to discuss a number of other movies you might want to check out, including Office Space and the legendarily odd Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter. It's a movie-a-thonic celebration--so get to clicking!

Show Date 09-23-07

14. Marvel At The Movies With The X-Men!

The Boys Outta Brooklyn finally return to the fan favorite series on Marvel characters in the media by focusing on everyone's favorite tortured mutants, The X-Men! From their origin as one of Marvel's biggest failures to their dominance of televised animation to the movie trilogy that cemented the present age of Marvel movies, Derrick and Thomas cover it all. Plus, more repetitions of the phrase 'Kill 'Em All!' than you can handle, more questions about Canada, and Derrick reveals he knows what you're really doing. It's a Homo Superior good time, so click that download button!

Show Date 10-07-07

15. 1408 Months Later, Spiders Rise Fantastically

It's our latest Review Program, as Tom and Derrick talk about the movies they've seen for the months of May through July of 2007. Join The Boys Outta Brooklyn as they discuss 1408, 28 Months Later, and Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver witness the havoc as both our hosts go thoroughly postal on Spider-Man 3! You don't want any old podcast, you want to click on the download button now!

Show Date 10-21-07

16. Marvel at The Movies With Blade

It's time to kick the Better In The Dark Halloween festivities off in earnest, and what better way to do that than to release an episode focusing in Marvel Comics' bad-ass Vampire hunter, Blade! From his origins as a supporting character in one of the scariest comics of the 70's to his total redesign as a signature role for Wesley Snipes, Tom and Derrick tackle it all! Of course, it wouldn't be an episode without digressions and divergences, so we also explore the phallic nature of Spike TV's name and try to answer the eternal question of "Jessica Biel: What gives?" It's a fangful of fun, so get to downloading!

Show Date 10-28-07

17. Hunting In A Cemetery Pitch For A Haunted

Phantasm Before Dawn

Our First Annual Halloween Suggestions Episode is here! Join the Boys From Brooklyn as they discuss with more enthusiasm than facts six of their favorite horror films that you might not have considered. From the classic-but-near-forgotten Phantasm to the insanely wrong-headed (in the positive sense) Cemetery Man, we're sure to turn you onto something that's perfect for your tastes. Also, Tom and Derrick talk about the charms of both versions of The House on Haunted Hill, and we let the cat out of the bag about what we've got planned for the month of December. It's a gruesome grab bag of cinematic chillers, so reach your hand in by clicking the download button!

Show Date 11-11-07

18. The November 2007-January 2008 Preview Episode,

For The Children Are Our Future

The last of our preview episodes before we decided it wasn't fun for us, including advice on Child Rearing, praise for Tim Burton and Vincent Price, and more Kristen Bell slobbering in the case of Tom.

Show Date 11-25-07

19. Take Us Out To The Game Of Your Choice

While we're all still coming down from tryptophane poisoning, join The Guys Outta Brooklyn as they discuss their favorite Sports Movies. Thomas and Derrick talk about such notables as both versions of The Longest Yard, the boxing classic The Great White Hope, and the cult hockey classic Slap Shot--and then go as mental as they ever have been over the sports movie spoof Dodgeball! Plus the guys talk about their own sports memories growing up. It's third and long, so what else can you do but click that download button now!

Show Date 12-09-07

20. 30 Days of Ultimatums Shoot Rob Zombie

It's the first BITD edited on the BITD Central HQ's new computer! Pity it focuses on some frustrating films that The Boys Outta Brooklyn saw from August to October of 2007. Sure, Derrick raves about Shoot 'Em Up, but then Tom tries to figure out why 30 Days of Night doesn't thrill him, Derrick bitches about the use of caffeine-cam in The Bourne Ultimatum and both do an intervention for Rob Zombie and his white trash obsessions! There's only one way to feel our wrath...and that's by clicking like your life depends on it!