Show Date 09-21-08

41. The Boys Outta Brooklyn Go Musical!

Given the propensity The Boys Outta Brooklyn have of breaking into song at a moment's notice, it was bound to happen that they'd set their sights on some strange and weird musicals! Join Tom and Derrick as they discuss such song and dance gems as the Beatles-Tribute-That-Wasn't-Across The Universe, Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the musical monster epic Little Shop of Horrors, the now-forgotten urban refitting The Wiz and more! Plus praise for Missi Pyle, a defense of remakes, and--what else--our hosts frequently breaking into song! It's delovely, so you know what to do! Get to clicking!

Show Date 10-05-08

42. Things To Do With The Head Of Hammett's Limey

Dragon on The Miracle Mile

It's the 2nd Annual edition of our Obscure Movies Episode, as The Boys From Brooklyn get a little crime-movie crazy talking about such overlooked films as The Limey, Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead, and Hammett. And even though all of these films are depressing, Tom and Derrick take the time to celebrate the joy of that 80's cheese classic The Last Dragon! Plus imitations of Julius Carey and Terrance Stamp, the guys dissect the wave of Tarantino knock-offs of the 90's, and Derrick lays out his theory about the connection between Miracle Mile and Cloverfield! You've got an hour to get to the chopper--so get to clicking!

Show Date 10-19-08

43. The Sleepy Wicker Man Under The Stairs On

The Descent To Hell's Cell

It's late October, which means The Guys Outta Brooklyn once again reveals a sextet of Obscure Horror Movies For Halloween! Join Derrick and Tom as they discuss such underground classics as the British pagan thriller The Wicker Man, the African-American economic scare story The People Under The Stairs, the very literal comedic horror tale Highway to Hell and other treats to trick you into screaming! Plus Thomas imitates Gilbert Gottfried, the Guys discuss movies to make you claustrophobic, and we ponder the fate of Patrick Bergin. It's a road trip to terror, so rev up your engine and get to clicking!

Show Date 11-02-08

44.  On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Diamonds Are Forever

We continue our survey of the longest running action series in movie history with two curios: the only film featuring Australian actor George Lazenby as Bond, and the last Connery Bond film. It's a strange period just before Moore comes on-board, and the Guys Outta Brooklyn dissect these two films with the flair you've come to expect. Plus, we explore the connection between Blofeld and Lex Luthor, use the phrase 'it makes no sense' more often than anybody anywhere on this planet, and world premiere our brand new Theme Song by our very own B-Hyphen. This never happened to the other guys--whoever they are--so get to clicking!

Show Date 11-16-08

45. The House of the Eleventh Legal Fringe on Mars

For only the second time ever, The Guys Outta Brooklyn tackle the American TV scene by examining a number of new television series. From discussing the rise of the super-intelligent hero in The Eleventh Hour and The Mentalist to looking at how American producers have adapted British shows like Life on Mars, Tom and Derrick dig in deep. Plus we bemoan the state of Jay Mohr and David E. Kelly, Derrick goes insane for Fringe, and Derrick's wife compares us to the leads of Boston Legal. It's gotta be better than what's on get to clicking!

Show Date 11-30-08

46. City of Quarentine Traitor Apaloosas

It's our periodic Review Episode where the Boys From Brooklyn tackle some recent films, including the action thriller Traitor, the western Apaloosa, the 'is it a kid's movie?' curiosity City of Ember and a film that's so bad Tom threatens to 'go Shylock' on the director, the 'Blair Witch meets The Crazies' jitter-fest Quarentine. Plus we discuss the future of one of our favorite actors, the Great, Great Don Cheadle, talk about the concept of 'podcast drift' and give much respect to Tom's mom. It's a rabies-free time, so get to clicking!

Show Date 12-14-08

47. Gilt Edged Bonds: Live and Let Die and

The Man With The Golden Gun

Our survey of The Bond Films arrives at a major turning point as The Boys Outta Brooklyn reviews the first two movies to feature Roger Moore. It's the edge of some very, very dark territory with some seriously goofy films (including one Tom subtitles 'Black People Hate Bond'), but they do the usual cool eyed dissection. Plus Derrick says something so hilarious it makes Tom speechless and we rant about our choice for the worst Bond Girl ever. There's a solar-powered laser weapon aimed at your get to clicking!

Show Date 01-04-09

48. Moviegoing USA-- This Face Has Changed

In a change of pace episode, The Boys Outta Brooklyn move away from the movies to focus on the places you go to see them, movie theaters! During a freeform conversation, Tom and Derrick reminisce about their own experiences going to the movies, discuss the way the movie theater business has changed, the disappearance of the independant and single screen movie venues, and how the rise of home media formats such as videotape and DVDs may have eroded audience behavior. Plus Judd Apatow and Universal treat our guys to free popcorn, and a tangent involving fanfiction. It's a matinee complete with trailers and shorts, so get to clicking!

Show Date 01-18-09

49.Gilt Edged Bonds: The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker

We return to our overview of the James Bond series with the ultimate version of the sublime to the ridiculous, as the Boys Outta Brooklyn examine the pinnacle of the Roger Moore era, and one of the lowest points not just for the Moore movies but for the entire series! This episode gives you a Derrick and Tom so dumbfounded by what they're reviewing they resort to Foghorn Leghorn impressions to convey their distaste! Plus the revelation of the Stanley Kubrick/James Bond connection, we revisit our adoration of Carolyn Munro and the rise and fall of Jaws. Nobody does it better, so get to clicking!

Show Date 02-01-09

50. Celebrate Fifty With The Films That Changed Our Lives

It's taken exactly two years, but Tom and Derrick proudly present our fiftieth episode. In this landmark podcast The Guys Outta Brooklyn discuss six films that somehow shaped our lives. Learn how Derrick responded to his first film ever, how a Danny Kaye film kept the bond between Tom and his mom strong, and what both men did as a kid during the day after Thanksgiving! Plus kaiju, old women torturing each other, and Special Correspondent Cade Reddick returns--and he's brought his brother and Baby Jaguar with him! It's a party and a half--so get to clicking!