Show Date 02-15-09

51. Tom and Derrick VS The Octopus, The Jellyfish,

The Porn Star and The Growling Geriactric

It's time for another Better In The Dark Review show, and The Guys Outta Brooklyn tackle a quartet of films snuck into theaters in and around the Holiday Season. Not only do Tom and Derrick dissect such recent releases as Gran Tourino, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Seven Pounds, but Tom declares war on the man who told Eva Mendes she looks like a famous sex symbol from his childhood, Derrick comes up with a new can't miss Will Smith movie, and the guys debate which actress is better: Rhona Mitra or Kate Beckensale. All this and frank unpolitically correct talk. Don't break those eggs, get to clicking!

Show Date 03-01-09

52. V Watches The Return of The Extraordinary Gentlemen

To get you ready for Zack Snyder's adaptation, The Guys Outta Brooklyn discusses a trio of films that were inspired in some way or another by Watchman writer Alan Moore. From the campy silliness of Return of The Swamp Thing to the thought provoking thriller V For Vendetta, Tom and Derrick gets you ready for this year's big super-hero release! Plus Tom imitates Alan Moore, Derrick actually has something nice to say about Natalie Portman, and a near-brush with Sean Connery! You know you want the government afraid of you, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 03-15-09

53. It's Never Over! The Rise and Fall and Rise of John Rambo

In this episode, The Guys Outta Brooklyn take a look at one of the great cinematic icons of the 80's, Sylvester Stallone, through one of his greatest characters, John Rambo. From the sheer good luck of First Blood being an action movie hit to the movement of the character into super-heroic territory and ultimate oblivion, Tom and Derrick will show how Rambo's filmic odyssey reflected what Stallone himself went through, and how he needed to go through the leaner years of the 90's to make the fiercer yet humbler Rambo. Plus Derrick talks about his brush with Richard Crenna, gratuitous Stallone impersonations, and even more gratuitous talk of G.I. Joe and the wacked-out martial arts non-classic Gymkata. You know it's coming for you, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 03-29-09

54. Into The Cold, Dark Woods: Films From The Dark Days of Disney

In this episode, The Guys Outta Brooklyn look at a point in the history of Disney where the company was losing money and the urge to experiment was high. From the big-budget science fictioner The Black Hole to the ground-breaking Tron to the slow motion accident that was The Black Cauldron, Tom and Derrick evaluate a sextet of Disney's most peculiar releases. Plus video arcade memories, the ending of The Hunchback of Notre Dame you should've seen, and wacka-chickas. Lots of wacka-chickas. If you don't want to be put on the game grid, get to clicking!

Show Date: 04-12-09

55.Gilt Edged Bonds: For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy

The Guys Outta Brooklyn return to the man who likes things shaken and not stirred and examine two of Roger Moore's better entries. The first shows us the thoroughly hardcore bad-ass Bond Moore could have been, and the second wins out due to superior settings, excellent villains, suspenseful moments....and the revelation that Moore was The Flash. Plus more on the grotesque nature of Lynn-Holly Johnson, a literary announcement that involves both Tom and Derrick, and repeated, joyful use of the word 'Boobs.' We have a nasty habit of surviving, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 04-26-09

56. Tom and Derrick VS The Comedian, The Old Wolf, The Stripper

and Kristen Bell's Slave Leia Outfit

It's another review episode, as The Guys Outta Brooklyn look at recent releases they saw in the theaters! And while they have high marks for The Wrestler, Taken and Watchmen, Tom finds little joy in seeing Kristen Bell don one of the iconic sci-fi fetish objects of all time in the road comedy Fanboys. Plus Derrick likes Marisa Tomei...a lot, Tom becomes wary of a particular movie theater, and some common sense advice about which movies to take your kids to. We have a particular set of skills, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 05-17-09

57. Gilt Edged Bonds: Never Say Never Again and A View To A Kill

We reach the darkest part of our journey through cinematic Bond as The Guys Outta Brooklyn dissect the horror that is Roger Moore's final film. Of course, before they reach this particular (shaken, not stirred) Heart of Darkness, Tom and Derrick debate the value of the Kevin McClory curiosity that marked the surprise return of Sean Connery to the role that made him famous! Plus Derrick reveals his choice for worst Bond Girl ever, the guys discuss busted pilots of the 70's, and a very, very bad Christopher Walken impression! It's a dance into the fire, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 05-17-09

58. The Cherry Duel of Games Dogs The Thirst For Fidelity

It's time for our Third Annual Obscure Films We Love Episode, and The Guys From Brooklyn step up with a sextet of intriguing movies. From the Peckinpah classic Straw Dogs to the 'nice guys behaving badly' western Duel At Diablo to the romantic comedy guys love High Fidelity, Tom and Derrick share some of their forgotten and overlooked favorites. Plus Derrick tells comic fans how to handle revealing their hobby to their girlfriends, Tom puts another name on his Ass-Kicking List, and the Better In The Dark Team want the future they were promised! It's better than a Cosby Sweater, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 06-14-09

59. Black Gloves Are For Murder:

The Giallo Stylings of Dario Argento

The Guys Outta Brooklyn go continental as we examine a quintet of giallo films by the man who helped originate the genre, Dario Argento! From the insanely plotted but compelling Tenebrae to the insanely plotted and craptacular Trauma to the clip show love letter Do You Like Hitchcock?, Tom and Derrick examine the handiwork of this seminal Italian director. Plus Tom gets an excuse to trot out another accent, how the Three Mothers trilogy is like Kill Bill and a word from our sponsor, The Argento Decapomatic! You know it's all like a dream brought on by too much Ziti Fra Diablo, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 06-28-09

60. Fight The Power! A Celebration of Spike Lee

Tom and Derrick team up with their Hip Hop Maestro, Kelen 'B Hyphen' Conley as they discuss one of Brooklyn's favorite filmmaking sons, Spike Lee! Join the trio as they discuss a quintet of Spike's films, from the seminal dramedy Do The Right Thing to the utterly savage satire Bamboozled and the controversial relationship dramas She's Gotta Have It and Jungle Fever. Plus Tom and Kelen commiserate over the present fate of the Oakland Raiders, Derrick recognizes his co-host as The Blue-Eyed White Devil and Kelen tries to explain how he wouldn't make out with Sasha Grey! It's time to wake up, so get to clicking!