Show Date: 07-12-09

61.Triumverate of Passion and Terror: The Films of Clive Barker

Tom and Derrick team up with Des Reddick, host of Dread Media as they discuss the unique cinematic vision of Clive Barker! Join the trio as they examine Hellraiser, Nightbreed and Lord of Illusion, as well as a number of other films based on the writer's work. Plus far too references to baboon butt, teaching our Junior Correspondent how to properly punch his dad, and how Jennifer Rubin ended up on the poster of Nightbreed! It's a damn sight better than murdering the world, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 08-02-09

62.  Gilt Edged Bonds: The Living Daylights and License to Kill

In this extra-long episode, The Guys Outta Brooklyn examine the two-film tenure of a Great, Great Man, Timothy Dalton as James Bond.

Show Date: 08-30-09

63. Tom and Derrick Versus the Summer of Meh

The Boys from Brooklyn finally move into their new home at with their latest review show... kinda. Tom explains why he hasn't really seen anything this summer save for the Stephen Sommers action-fest G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, while Derrick explains why most of the films he saw didn't thrill him. Plus the guys have a spirited debate on whether an actor owes more to his legacy or his wallet. And Derrick tells us the real reason he allowed his wife to take him to see The Proposal! It's Hammer's world, so you best just get to clicking!

Show Date: 09-13-09

64. The Search For My Secret Cliffhangers: TV We'd Like to See on DVD

The Boys from Brooklyn do their semiannual trip into the televisual realm as they discuss forgotten TV shows they'd like to see on DVD. From the maybe-ahead of its time high-tech spy show Search to the super-heroic Jerry O'Connell-starring sitcom My Secret Identity, Tom and Derrick discuss some of those forgotten shows they wish they could revisit before they throw it open to the BITD message board's wish list! Plus an examination of how Wonder Woman moves through the air, more discussion of Billy Joel than you really want on a movie podcast, and Tom's choice for the defining moment of Millennium. We're the tip of the spear, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 09-27-09


It's time for the final leg of our tour through the Bond films with the first half of the tenure of Pierce Brosnan. The Boys Outta Brooklyn argue that the Brosnan films represented a hard reboot that predated the Craig reboot years later, and examine a great debut picture (GoldenEye) and a lousy, lousy follow-up (Tomorrow Never Dies). We also discuss how the loss of the lawsuit with MGM-UA affected how the Brosnan films were written and produced, the value of fresh directorial blood, and a flaw in "The Commentary Script." Plus Tom likes Michelle Yeoh... a lot, the revelation of the Peckinpah-Bond connection, and Derrick talks about his nominee for worst Bond henchman. We are inwincable, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 10-11-09

66. Director's Court: The Case of Quentin Tarantino

It's the first segment of Director's Court, where the Guys Outta Brooklyn put famous filmmakers before the court of public opinion and decide whether they're still valid or funneling down the drain. This time up, it's Quentin Tarantino who's under the microscope. Tom and Derrick examine Tarantino's use of cultural touchstones, whether some of his set pieces are homages or rip-offs, whether his frequent appearances have served to sour the public separate from the films themselves, and other outstanding issues revolving around the man who made being a film geek cool. Plus we review Inglourious Basterds, and make suggestions as to what Tarantino should pursue for future projects. It'll get medieval on you ass, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 10-25-09

67. Behind the Duel of Mary Lou, the Little Girl Who

Burnt Satan's Claw

It's become a tradition: around Halloween, The Boys Outta Brooklyn always pick three horror films you might not have considered when planning your movie marathons for the spookiest holiday of all, and now that tradition comes to! Derrick chooses three films from the 70s including one of Steven Spielberg's first, and a creepy Guignol tale featuring a young Jodie Foster. And Tom chooses such gems as a high school ghost story, and a "documentary" that follows an aspiring serial killer as he plans his night of grue! It's a six-pack of sinister ideas — plus some suggestions for a second feature to make those choices even more fun — so get to clicking!

Show Date: 11-08-09

68. Better in the Dark Gets Super on TV!

To celebrate Thanksgiving month, Tom and Derrick team up with Views from the Longbox host — and Superman maven — Michael Bailey to examine Superman in the media! This time up, the trio tackles Superman on television and radio. From Bud Collyer and George Reeves to Dean Cain and Tom Welling, The Guys Outta Brooklyn cover all the cathode ray tube adventures of the Man of Steel (oh, and the radio show, too). Plus, midgets in dog suits, an examination of the mystery surrounding Reeves' death, the truth about how Derrick parties, and the musical version of Supes. We're more powerful than Rex Reed's lisp, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 11-22-09

69. Better in the Dark Gets Super in the Movie Theater

In the second part of our Thanksgiving month spectacular, Tom and Derrick continues their chat with Views from the Longbox host — and Superman maven — Michael Bailey about Superman in the media! This time up, the trio tackles Superman in the movies. From the trendsetting Fleischer cartoons to the classic Christopher Reeve movies to the... ummmm... not-so-classic Bryan Singer version, this titanic trio tackles it all! Plus, the Superman films we didn't get (here's a hint: be happy we got what we got), Derrick defends Superman's right to stalk Lois, and Mike really doesn't like Kate Bosworth much... or at all. It's all about the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 12-06-09

70. Tom and Derrick Versus the Bulging Mailbag, the Posthumous Oscar, the Sweetie Man, Bruce Willis' Wig, the Writer/Chauffeur, and the Demon-Plauged Co-Ed

It's time for another Better in the Dark review episode, and Tom and Derrick use it as an excuse to clear out their backlog of listener mail. So in addition to reviewing such films as 2012, Pandorum, District 9, and Paranormal Activity, the Guys Outta Brooklyn tackle a number of movie-related issues. From mourning The Worldwide, to finding out who deserves the blame for Frank Miller thinking he can direct, to giving props to Roger Corman, it's a cavalcade of conversation! Plus, we welcome a new member of the BITD Family! It's better than taking a Food Emporium Salad Bar Lunch to the Film Forum, so get to clicking!