Show Date: 12-20-09

71. Gilt Edged Bonds: THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH and


It was bound to happen. In this penultimate entry in our massive overview of the James Bond series, The Guys Outta Brooklyn finally get into a fight — and it's over an invisible car! Tom and Derrick cover the psychological, Michael Apted-directed, change of pace The World Is Not Enough, and the series-killing Die Another Day — and the fur flies throughout! Plus, Tom apologizes to A View to a Kill, Derrick wants to know how you can make love on a bed of ice, and a disagreement breaks out over whether one character should be called "Dr. Boobs." It's death before breakfast, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 01-03-10

72. Transporting Mr. Romero

It started out as a simple episode examining the career of George Romero, by looking at some non-zombie movies in his canon. But before it's done, the Boys Outta Brooklyn will find themselves engaging in the first — and maybe last — edition of Better in the Dark Fight Night, featuring a selection of action movie stars... and Tom Savini. Plus Derrick tells us why Wes Craven deserves a daily kick in the ass, and Tom has fun with public domain blaxploitation films. Also, there's gratuitous Kristen Bell talk. (It wouldn't be an episode without gratuitous Kristen Bell talk, right?) This is one of the weirdest — and maybe funniest — episodes in the podcast's history, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 01-17-10

73. Director's Court: The Case of Kevin Smith

By popular demand, your favorite cinematic jurists are back, and this time they've got New Jersey's own in their sights! Tom and Derrick evaluate the life and times of Kevin Smith, and try to determine if he is on the straight and narrow or walking down a potentially disastrous road. The Guys Outta Brooklyn defend the much-maligned Jersey Girl, talk about the hazard of making Jay and Silent Bob main characters, question whether Smith's relationship with Bob Weinstein helps or hurts him, and look at other issues. Plus, the first and maybe only BITD discussion on religion, and now waaaaaaaaay outdated speculation on Spider-Man 4. It's better than a stink palm, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 01-31-10

74. Just Three Good Time Guys Sitting Around Jawing

The Guys Outta Brooklyn originally invited the mastermind behind the Movies About Girls podcast to talk about cable television action film mainstay Andy Sidaris, but somehow the episode became more about 42nd Street, the disappearance of cult film culture, why BITD isn't weekly, Tom's brief television career, why Derrick doesn't know who Carson Daly is, what's wrong with talk shows, and MTV as a metaphor for the generation gap. Plus, a dip in the listener mailbag, and gratuitous Tara Reid talk. It's a radio-controlled riot, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 02-14-10

75. Sex Mo-sheens and Private Dicks: The Shaft Series....Uncut!

To celebrate Black History Month, The Guys Outta Brooklyn invite back the official BITD Maestro, B-Hyphen, to discuss the greatest blaxploitation hero ever: Shaft! From the original film that became a surprise hit to the tame television series to the remake featuring Samuel L. Jackson, we trace the entire history of the character that Richard Roundtree made an icon. Plus, in keeping with this year being our weirdest ever, Kelen gets five minutes to rant about Spider-Man, we debut the latest version of our theme song, and the guys somehow give birth to the new character sensation of 2010: Lil' Blade! Close the door yourself and get to clicking!

Show Date: 02-28-10

76. Tom and Derrick Versus the Duplicated Spaceman, the Master Detective, the Paunchy Super-Hero, the Gun-Toting Angle, the Wheeling-Dealing Fox and the Comic Book Fans

It's our periodic review episode, where the Guys Outta Brooklyn discuss such recent flicks as Legion, Sherlock Holmes, Moon, Avatar, and others. But it's when Tom and Derrick reach into the mailbag and answer a question about the famous "put on the costume" quote from another podcast that prompts a nearly half-hour, heated talk on comic fan behavior that is bound to cause shockwaves throughout the podosphere. And if that's not enough, well, ask Tom about the Smallville episode "Absolute Justice." This could very well be one of those landmark moments in the podcast's history. So get to clicking!

Show Date: 03-14-10

77. The Rivals of Bond are In Like Flint!

In their effort to present the most comprehensive coverage of 1960s spy culture, Tom and Derrick begin their examination of some of the spies who gave Bond a run for his money, beginning with the cerebral, eccentric, and suave Derek Flint. Join the Boys From Brooklyn as they look at the adventures of the renaissance man that James Coburn turned into a cult hero, tracing his adventures from Our Man Flint to In Like Flint to the highly obscure, near-forgotten (and with good reason) Flint television pilot, Our Man Flint: Dead on Target. Plus a preview of other episodes in the Rivals of Bond series, Derrick wants Yvonne Craig to shake her money-maker, and a look at the two Flint movies (one written by Harlan Ellison) that never got to the screen. Wipe that look off your Zowie Face and get to clicking!

Show Date: 03-28-10

78. Fair Samson Strutter's Potato Head Treatment

Spring is in the air, and you know what that means: it's time for the annual tradition where the Guys Outta Brooklyn dig into their vaults and pull out a six-pack of little-seen and forgotten films for their Obscure Movie Episode! 2010's batch includes the sequel to Black Belt Jones most people swear doesn't exit, the sequel many Rocky Horror Picture Show fans wish didn't exist, the only place where you can see the wife of John Denver being turned into a human hood ornament, and an absolutely insane blaxploitation comedy where a female motorcycle gang faces off against a Colonel Sanders look-alike plotting to take over Watts! Plus, Tom and Derrick pay tribute to Falco, and we address a letter about That Episode. Don't be a dead end, deadbeat, downbeat Mister, get to clicking!

Show Date: 04-11-10

79. Director's Court: The Case of John Carpenter

The Guys Outta Brooklyn continues their popular series where they bring directors before the court of pop culture opinion, and now it's time for the onetime master of genre filmmaking to stand in the docket! Join Tom and Derrick as they examine the man who went from being a veritable rock star with a movie camera to the pioneer of the present 70s horror reboot boom, addressing such issues as why John Carpenter struggled throughout the 90s, the methods he used to turn himself into a brand name, and how he compared to comic book master Will Eisner! Plus, discussions of Carpenter's three upcoming films, Tom and Derrick choose Wonder Women, and Zoe Saldana firing a rocket launcher versus Liam Neeson in an air-dropped tank! We're too tired to kill you know (maybe later), so get to clicking!

Show Date: 04-25-10

80. Billy, Cast a Final King Curse Thursday After Midnight,

or Tom and Derrick, DVD Detectives

The Guys Outta Brooklyn started out to discuss Films That Were No Longer on DVD, but after talking about some actual movies in limbo like the earlier Harry Palmer films, Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, and Cast a Deadly Spell, well, they started locating some of the suggested films lost to time! Thus, join The Guys Outta Brooklyn as they locate some truly cool films their fan base thought unavailable commercially, like The Billy Jack trilogy, and the work of Val Lewton! And if that's not enough, Tom and Derrick somehow end up sitting in front of Wonderbox looking at pictures of The Crazy Babysitter Twins! It's called fast food for a reason, so get to clicking!