The Nightmare Series

81. What Makes Springwood Famous: The Nightmare Series

In an episode three years in the making, Derrick does for Freddy Krueger what Tom did for Michael Myers by examining the entire A Nightmare on Elm Street ouvre, from the absolutely classic first entry through the rather goofy end to the attempts to recreate the series in Wes Craven's New Nightmare and the monster rally Freddy vs. Jason! Along the way, The Guys Outta Brooklyn discuss the importance of Robert Englund in creating this horror icon, how Wes Craven attempted to kill the franchise repeatedly, and how the films, as bad as they got, never lost money. Plus, we find a connection between the series and the ultra-obscure Adam Sandler vehicle The Unsinkable Shecky Moskowitz, address a great disservice done to Curtis Mayfield, and do something at the very end of the episode that might upset our friend Kelen "B-Hyphen" Conley. Every town has an Elm Street, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 05-09-10

82. Tom and Derrick vs. Christina Ricci's Nipples, the Spangly Suit of Zeus, the Baseball Card, the Boston Islands, Cougar's Hat, and the Ubiquitous Mr. Neeson

It's our periodic review episode, as The Boys Outta Brooklyn examine some movies from the first few months of 2010, ranging from the arty-but-dull After.Life to the riotous remake of Clash of The Titans to the savvy and slick comic book actioner The Losers. Plus, Derrick sings an ode to the killer baby flick It's Alive, Tom gets his mercenary blockbusters confused, and The Guys have to deal with a letter that begins with the phrase "I love Head." It's time to save Chris Rock from himself, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 06-09-10

83. Since No One Else Is Around: The Die Hard Series

It's the beginning of The Summer O' Fun, as The Guys Outta Brooklyn welcome Tennessee's own Donovan Morgan Grant to pay tribute to the Action Movie Everyman, John McClane. The trio cover all four films in the series, from the trendsetting Die Hard to the befuddlingly superheroic Live Free or Die Hard. Plus, because we never stay on point when we've got a guest star, the guys get to talking about scripted "reality shows," the massive ego of Steven Seagal, and why moviemakers don't know jack about cyber-terrorists. Plus, we announce a new contest where you can win some cool books and plot the next installment of McClane's adventures! Welcome to the party, pal - and get to clicking!

Show Date: 06-20-10

84. Gilt Edged Bonds Conclusion: Casino Royale and Quantum of Boredo... Solace! We Mean Solace!

The journey the Boys Outta Brooklyn started back in Episode 34, a tiny bit over two years ago, is finally completed as Tom and Derrick discuss the first - and maybe last - two films of The Reign of Craig. They examine how Bond was re-imagined for the 21st century, and how the unconventional choice of Daniel Craig fit the remit for change. They really like one film, hate the other one, and then talk about the present situation with MGM and what it bodes for the world's longest-running movie franchise. All this, plus a little disagreement on the hotness of Karen Gillan, a major announcement, and the revelation of what the letters in QUANTUM stand for. It's a six-head's worth of fun, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 07-04-10

85. No Club That Will Have Them: A Discussion About

The Marx Brothers

The Boys Outta Brooklyn reach back as far as they ever have, as Tom and Derrick celebrate some of the greatest comedians to come out of New York City: The Marx Brothers. Tom and Derrick discuss the comedy team's history, the nature of their humor, and make recommendations for where to begin your education in Marx-ism. And, since this is an episode of BITD, the discussion does get a little tangenty with talk of Jerry Seinfeld, public school memories, sitcoms, and the evil that is The Hottest Scientologist. We know you don't know how that elephant got into your pajamas, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 07-18-10

86. The Rivals of Bond: Matt Helm

The Boys Outta Brooklyn continue their trip through spy culture with this descent into the adventure of America's 'swinging secret agent: Matt Helm. Learn how Cubby Broccoli's former producing partner bought Don Hamilton's hardboiled operative to get in on the cash cow he initially spurned, and ended up trapped in the Hell that was Dean Martin's making. It's the movie series that managed to misuse Ann-Margret, and Tom and Derrick suffer through every last film. Plus Asian characters with silly names, the Boys get angry over the tragedy of Sharon Tate, and enough imitations of a drunk Dean Martin to last a lifetime! We already hate ourselves (and it isn't even the morning), so get to clicking!

Show Date: 08-01-10

87. Better in the Dark Joins the Justice League!

Because you demanded it, The Guys Outta Brooklyn once more welcome Michael Bailey of Views from the Longbox fame to discuss DC's premiere supergroup: The Justice League of America. From the Filmation shorts to the groundbreaking Bruce Timm / Paul Dini television series to the dubious charms of the Smallville version of the team, The Titanic Trio covers it all. Plus Tom applies for a job, what it means when the Super Friends send you off to college, and Derrick delves deep into The Andrea Romano Conspiracy! Even if you didn't wash your hands because you're evil, you need to get to clicking!

Show Date: 08-15-10

88. Director's Court: The Case of Roger Corman

The latest edition of Better in the Dark brings an icon of drive-in cinema before the docket! Tom and Derrick examine the influence American original Roger Corman had on Hollywood as both a director and a producer in a career that spans five decades. From his Poe adaptations to the long list of creative types he influenced to the series of giant animal movies that prowl the fringes of Syfy, Corman's entire life is put under the microscope. Plus Tom and Derrick mourn Gary Coleman, why you should never patronize a business run by Klaus Kinski, and why a certain film should've been renamed Murder Hyundais! You've never lost money listening to us, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 08-29-10

89. Reversing the Neutron Flow, Part Three: Goodbye, David! Hello, Crisp - uh, Matt

In episodes 28 and 31, Tom and Derrick celebrated the anniversary of one of their favorite television series: Doctor Who. Since then, enough changes have occurred that The Boys Outta of Brooklyn have enlisted the aid of Views from the Longbox semi-lackey / co-host (and perpetual Tom nemesis) Shag to provide an overview of the end of the Tennant era and the inaugural season of the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith! The trio discusses - and sometimes argues over - such subjects as the magnificence of Donna, Rose vs. Amy, the identity of The Dream Lord, the value of Russell T. Davies' Whedon-ization of the series, the Skittles Daleks, and other juicy topics. Plus, what is The Carey Mulligan Road? What is The Caruso Box, and why is Christopher Eccleston stuck in it? What if Brian Cox and Dougray Scott owned a bar together? Podcasts with bowties are cool, so get to clicking!

Show Date: 09-12-10

90. Who Can Shank the Strange Corruption of the Grim Prairie Sauna

It's time for this year's iteration of a Better in the Dark tradition, as Tom and Derrick once again provide you with suggestions for Obscure Horror Films to light up your Halloween festivities. This year, however, they welcome the Patriarch of the First Family of BITD (and host of Dread Media), Desmond Reddick, to join in. The results are an international six pack of horror flicks ranging from the Finish period piece Sauna to the New Zealand (pretending to be Nebraska) should've-been-a-period-piece Strange Behavior to the Spanish chiller Who Could Kill a Child. Plus zombie chickens! Tom Cruise sitting around in his underwear! The world's most un-scary home invaders! Everything goes better with monkeys, so get to clicking!