Forgot all the people who insist that Sigourney Weaver was The First Female Action Heroine. The Woman Who Kicks The Most Ass is this classically timeless beauty, a woman Roger Corman saw at his company's front desk and somehow knew would be The Filmic Goddess of War. Pam is savage, feral no-nonsense sex, with a body like a panther, a snarl like a lion and a purr like a pussycat. And the most amazing thing about her? Even at 60, she's still amazingly, smokingly hot.

In fact, the Guys Outta Brooklyn worship at the alter of Pam Grier, so much, they devoted an entire episode to her.  Check it out here.


Episode 23: Never Fear, Pam Grier Is Here
 Thomas and Derrick pay tribute to a fine, fine woman--the one and only Queen of The Blaxploitation Game, Pam Grier! The Boys Outta Brooklyn reminisce about this amazing actress who transcended her genre to become one of the greatest icons of action cinema. From her signature film Foxy Brown to a visit to that peculiar backwater we like to call Planet Williamson via Bucktown to Quentin Tarantino's love letter to Pam, Jackie Brown, the guys tell you everything you want to know. It'll be an arresting experience, you know where to point your browser and click!... DOWNLOAD