In addition to Better in the Dark, the Guys Outta Brooklyn like to stay busy with various other projects. Here are some you might be interested in:

A blog, featuring Tom Deja's 10 statements about movies and TV.

Derrick is a contributing editor at All Pulp.

Tom and Derrick are currently writing a series of adventures featuring Earth's Mightiest Heroes for Altered Visions.

Derrick's Amazon page
Find all of Derrick Ferguson's books, in one convenient place.

DJ Comics Cavalcade
A smaller podcast featuring Tom Deja sharing classic Silver Age runs with you, looking at them through modern eyes.

The Ferguson Theater
A blog featuring Derrick Ferguson's movie reviews.

Sing Along Scriptures
The blog that wonders when you're going to ring it, when you're going to ring it...

Pulpwork Press

The home of How the West Was Weird Vol. 1 and How the West Was Weird Vol. 2 (with stories by both Thomas Deja and Derrick Ferguson). Also, the home of the Dillon Blog, hosted by Derrick Ferguson.


Be sure to download and listen to Derrick's interview with Leisure Talk Radio Network. In the interview, Derrick talks about Dillion and the Voice of Odin.   


MP3 audio file [15.1 MB]